On 15th June 2017, Dr Cheryl Lawther and Dr Lauren Dempster participated in a Bogside History Tour, joining a public tour led by Paul Doherty.

Paul Doherty of Bogside History Tours in the Guildhall

The tour began in Derry’s Guildhall, where the group was provided with an account of the Widgery and Saville Inquiries, and the lengthy campaign for truth by family and friends of those killed on Bloody Sunday. The tour was particularly interesting because of our guide’s involvement in the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign – experience which made him an informed and passionate narrator of these events. Participants were then taken on a tour of the Bogside, and the events of Bloody Sunday were detailed in the streets where they took place. The tour ended at the recently opened ‘Museum of Free Derry.’

The tour group at Free Derry Corner
Continuing our tour of the Bogside with Paul Doherty